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105 - 9717 Third St
Sidney, BC V8L 3A3

Why Choose Darren J. Proulx, CPA? 

We keep the accounting terminology to a minimum.

Our goal is plain-speaking answers to your questions. You’ll hear accounting concepts explained in real words, tax programs simplified, and questions answered.

We keep up with you.

At Darren J. Proulx, CPA, we take a personal hands-on approach that caters to the financial needs you have right now, and the plans you’re making for the future. Priorities change, and not just at the end of the fiscal year! Our constant aim is flexibility and answers tailored to you.

We’re people, you’re people.

Working with us isn’t a once-a-year meeting to sign your tax documents, and a few reminder letters. When you call the office, you’ll speak with Darren or Chris. When you come in, you’ll be greeted with a tail wag by Louie. You know our names, and we know yours.

We answer questions when you have them.

Don’t wait for the end of the year, just pick up the phone when you’re facing a question we can help with. We’ll have answers, and if we don’t … well, we’ll get them. Your business and life change all the time, not just when tax season arrives, and as your accounting partners we’re ready to hear about what’s going on when it’s going on.

We’ll come to you.

We’re based in Sidney, BC, but you might not be. That’s OK. We’re happy to work remotely or locally, visit your office if you can’t make it to ours. In fact, let’s grab lunch at that new cafe around the corner from you.