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You love preparing your own taxes, and handling your company’s year-end paperwork, right? Of course not! Remember the feeling you had as a kid when you had to finish the cold broccoli on your plate before you could have dessert? Darren J. Proulx, CPA, is all about taking care of the broccoli for you.

Individual and business tax preparation.

As at most accounting firms, at the end of the year your taxes will be filed accurately and on time. But with Darren J. Proulx, CPA, you’ll find that the process is pain-free and panic-free. You’ll know where you stand and what to expect. You’ll feel prepared, instead of just relieved it’s over with for another year. We can’t change the nature of tax preparation and filing, plus all that related number-y stuff like bookkeeping, payroll services, GST and PST filings, but we can make it so that dealing with them is smooth and satisfying rather than something you dread.

Personal strategic financial assistance.

What’s going on for you this year? Darren J. Proulx, CPA, can help formulate investment goals, suggest how to deploy your investment funds, or strategize for retirement income streams and security as a senior. We can set the scene for lowered tax liability during retirement, explore long-term care issues, or put the foundations in place for estate planning. Perhaps you’re saving for your childrens’ education and wonder how to effectively spend those funds? Maybe you’d like to make sure you’re taking all your medical deductibles or need advice on disability tax credits. Or you might be a first-time homebuyer or considering investment property. Whatever the question you’re facing, just ask, and we’ll get you answers along with the right tools and partners.

Business strategic planning assistance.

It’s in the nature of businesses to change over time. Some changes are huge, like selling or buying a company, or moving into a new geographic region. Others are common but just as crucial: deciding to lease or buy property, adding another line of retail products, choosing medical or dental benefit packages, or increasing personnel numbers. We take pride in helping you assemble the puzzle pieces into a smoothly functioning whole. It takes a team to make a company work well, and we look forward to meeting the insurance providers, lawyers and other professionals you’ve selected, or in recommending partners when you find you need them.

Estate tax preparation.

We deal with one of the certainties of life all the time, but we’re here for the other one as well. We’ll work with you now so that when that far-off day arrives, your loved ones are taken care of. Darren J. Proulx, CPA, can handle estate planning, tax filing after a death, asset protection, estate tax returns, and implementing trusts.

Scientific Research and Experimental Development claim reports.

If your business is pursuing a SR&ED tax incentive claim, Darren J. Proulx, CPA, can assist with financial documentation and reports, including tracking eligible expenses. The technical explanations of your claim are key, so we focus on backing up those efforts with solid financial reporting.